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D. Sulženko Hoštová, J. Čtvrtník, Experimentální prostor NoD: Proces

Dora Sulženko Hoštová, Jan Čtvrtník, Experimentální prostor NoD: Process ...without story, without emotion, without purpose... without humour, without direction, without perspective... embarrassing, boring, overlong... empty, bare, short... without end and without opinion. Too little and yet too much! Everything you wanted to know about dance but were afraid to ask. A look at the creation of a performance from different angles, layer by layer. People rarely think about what's behind the finished performance. What would happen if they watched the process of its creation? Individual movements, attempts, motions and sound, rehearsals, repetition and constant searching. "Miracles happen I thought to myself after several minutes of watching The Process by Dora Sulženko Hoštová and Jan Čtvrtník in Nod. Each scene is a surprise. Fantastic and original protagonists, lively, active sound (Johanka Švarcová), choreography with a minimum of cliché, an unpredictable structure and deceptively formulated themes." Jana Návratová, Taneční zóna Concept and choreography: Dora Sulženko Hoštová Artistic collaboration: Jan Čtvrtník Performers: Dora Sulženko Hoštová, Jan Čtvrtník Dramaturgy: Marta Ljubková Music: Johana Švarcová Light design: František Fabián Costumes: Vladimíra Fomínová

Blondage (FKA Rangleklods) // support: Killiekrankie

Electronic duo, Rangleklods debuted in 2011 with their EP Home from which the single “Young and Dumb” was taken, described by NME as ‘…something truly brilliant, hypnotic, warped and alien sounding all at once.”. The debut album Beekeeper was released in 2012 to great praise in the media and Rangleklods’ growing fanbase. The duo have been one of the most proficiently touring Danish bands internationally for several years, with performances on notable European festivals such as Roskilde Festival, Sziget Festival, Ja Ja Ja Festival, MS Dockville, Europavox and many more. “We’ve released records with Rangleklods that we’re extremely proud of. But we need a new beginning for us to keep evolving. We’re changing our name to Blondage, and our main focus is to make edgy electronic pop tunes. The name Blondage is a contraction of ‘blond’ and ‘bondage’ and to us it combines naivety and daydreaming with aggression and sensuality. It has given us an empty canvas and a greater creative energy than we’ve ever had’.” A first single under the alias BLONDAGE arrived on April the 8. Their Prague premiere will be14th December at NoD.

Anna Kukuczková: O tom se nemluví

Original performance about rape, about brutal intervention into one’s life, one that affects the human soul for a lifetime. How to forget? How to live on? Is one able to forgive under such circumstances? The performance is inspired by authentic testimonies and stories of women who are victims of rape. The Bachelor performance of Anna Kukuczková, a student at the Department of Pantomime of the Academy of Performing Arts (HAMU). - - - - - - - - - - “During rape, the most intimate physical contact is imposed on you. Your most sensitive and intimate parts (both physical and mental) are affected entirely against your will; a breach of your most basic human right - the right to decide about your own body. " "Rape is much closer to torture than it is to sex. The Tormentor plunges his victim into a state of helplessness. He/She roughly indicates that he/she is at his mercy and grace, breaking their will. The aim of the attacker is to hurt, not to experience pleasure. Sex is used as a weapon. The most important motives are: the need to physically dominate, anger and sadism. The most frightening reaction that occurs, is the fear of being killed. Almost every rapist threatens his victim with death. 60% of affected women knew their attacker beforehand. In the Czech Republic, 50% of victims who report their rape to the police insensitivity, crudeness, and sometimes even an indifferent attitude or refusal to accept an accusation. Because of this fact, rape is the least-reported criminal offence. A similarly unprofessional approach can, in some cases, be found in the victim’s contact with doctors and psychologists. According to current estimates, at some period of their life, one in ten women are raped. " From the book: It's not your fault! by Helen Benedict


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Café NoD - reconstruction

From 24. 6. to 25 .7. is Café NoD under reconstruction. Café, gallery and theater will be completely closed for public.

Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to seeing you in the new Café NoD. [Url = http: //nod.roxy.cz/cs/aktuality/17-cafe-nod-ceka-v-lete-2016-celkova-rekons] More information about the entire reconstruction. [/Url]

Samorosti 2014: Call for Entries

Are you creative? You don't need to be artist to exhibit your works in our gallery! Register you artwork to our annual exhibition Samorosti. More info here: http://bit.ly/1jqlHPV

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