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ProFitArt: BOI

ProFitArt and Experimental Space NoD present: BOI (public reharsal) A fusion of dance and folk songs from various regions of Slovakia. Winner of the Dance Essence 2014. In the context of separation of the customs and values of two generations we focus in this creative process on the transition of teenage boy into a man. Nowadays, the topic of initiation of manhood is completely disappearing in the society although the question of one’s role in a family and society became much more urgent than ever. We are in fact in period of time when the existing traditional system is falling apart. Once, the strong physical appearance guaranteed the security and stability. It was a sign that a man can take care of his family; he was a hunter, a fighter, and a protector. But what represents the maleness today? “Original cultures differed from one another in many things; however, you won’t find a single culture on the planet that would not develop some form of transitional rituals between childhood and maturity. From this point of view is the present Western civilisation a complete anomaly.” Director: Matěj Matějka Choreography: Martin Talaga (SK/CZ) Music: Katarina Kalivodová (CZ/SK), Cécile da Costa (FR/CZ) Performing: Martin Talaga, Katarina Kalivodová, Cécile da Costa (FR/CZ), Kateřina Eva Lanči Light design: Janka Galkó (HU) Foto: Kristýna Zvelebilová, Michal Hančovský Producer ProFitArt Co-producer: Experimentální prostor NoD, Záhrada (SK), Pro-Progressione (HU), Studio Matějka (PL) Supported by: Visegrad Fund, Hlavní město Praha, Czech Centres, The Grotowski Institute, Švandovo divadlo


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Samorosti 2014: Call for Entries

Are you creative? You don't need to be artist to exhibit your works in our gallery! Register you artwork to our annual exhibition Samorosti. More info here: http://bit.ly/1jqlHPV

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