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Pavla Malinová & Pavel Dvořák: Bullying Eyes, Wheel Spins and Flies

This exhibition features works by two painters who have known each other since the time of their studies at the Ostrava University, and who have been close for many years now – not just personally, but also as regards their approaches to painting, characterized by sensitive reflection of the world around us, with its rapidly changing environment and lifestyles, taking in the fluidity of the system of values to which society is committed and of the developments which shape it. All this said, it should be noted that each of these two artists has evolved a distinctive idiom of their own, a typical handwriting discernible at first sight. Thus each has arrived at a thoroughly individual philosophy and an inimitable perspective of contemporary reality.

Štěpán Kubík: SCN/GRP

One of the most obvious elements of Štěpán Kubík’s latest work, SCN GRP, is a moving dot, which traces its white path over a black background. It’s so elementary that it cannot be narrowed further. It moves without beginning or end across the gallery’s four walls, like a never-endingly emerging narrative, and generates a reflection on geometrical forms – triangles, squares and circles – that the white tail seeks to complete. 

PhilHarmonia Octet: album release

PhilHarmonia Octet celebrating 10 years together with new CD! The present album marks the 10th anniversary of the PhilHarmonia Octet. The ensemble is made up…

Díra na trhu: Interdimenzionální čočka

This peeformance is in Czech only.

David Greig: Europe

This perfomance is in czech only!

FREE MONDAYS | The MICRONAUT (GER, 3000°) / support: TMA (CZ)

PKF - Prague Philharmonia: Krása dneška / Miroslav Srnka x Milan Slavický

NoD / Kviiiz

This event is in czech only!

Tvůrčí skupina Díra na trhu: Plešatá zpěvačka (Ionesco, Jánová, Valerián)

This performance is in czech only!

Kolektiv Maso krůtí: Cirkusvobody

Thins performance is in czech only!

Díra na trhu: Interdimenzionální čočka

This peeformance is in Czech only.

Nebeský - Trmíková & NoD: Miluji tě jak po smrti

This performance is in czech only!

And So I Watch You From Afar (NIR, Sargent House)


Linda Dušková & kolektiv: Sandman

250 CZK / 150 CZK

This performace is in czech only.