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Linda Dušková & kolektiv: Sandman

This performace is in czech only.

Díra na trhu: Interdimenzionální čočka

This peeformance is in Czech only.

Timbre Timbre (CAN)

Three years have passed since the last and the first Prague show. This year, Canadian Timber Timbre return to present their latest record Sincerely,…

And So I Watch You From Afar (NIR, Sargent House)


Štěpán Kubík: SCN/GRP

April 27 - May 26, 2017

Curator: Veronika Zajačiková


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One of the most obvious elements of Štěpán Kubík’s latest work, SCN GRP, is a moving dot, which traces its white path over a black background. It’s so elementary that it cannot be narrowed further. It moves without beginning or end across the gallery’s four walls, like a never-endingly emerging narrative, and generates a reflection on geometrical forms – triangles, squares and circles – that the white tail seeks to complete. 

Video NoD
Štěpán Kubík: SCN/GRP
panoramic 360°projection
Curator: Veronika Zajačiková