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THE IMPRO BIG BAND (Omar Argentino Galvan feat. IMPROvariace)

200 CZK / 150 CZK


“Sound painting” is a sign language used for composing scenes (combining different art disciplines) in real time performances. “Sound painting” was created by Walter Thompson and has been spread around the world. THE IMPROV BIG BAND was later derived from the original Thompson’s format and has already been performed with an absolute success in Mexico, Reunion Island, Puerto Rico, Spain, etc. THE IMPROV BIG BAND is a new way to play with different artistic forms (music, poetry, dance, etc.).

In October 2017 Omar Argentino Galvan (an improviser and a teacher of sound painting technique) will be visiting Prague with his special show. He will be training a local theatre improv group IMPROvariace for several days and this workshop will lead to a first live performance of THE IMPROV BIG BAND in the Czech Republic.

THE IMPRO BIG BAND live show will take place at Theatre NoD (Dlouhá 33, Prague 1) on Sunday October 8, 7:30 PM.  Tickets will be available via GoOut. Price 200 CZK (adults) / 150 CZK (students).

OMAR ARGENTINO GALVAN is one of the main representatives of the Spanish Improv scene. Omar is originally an Argentinian but resides in Madrid. He is an improviser, a teacher and a creator of new formats. He also wrote the Impro Handbook “From the jump to the fly. Impro Handbook ” (“Del salto al vuelo”). His scenes are known for their particularly poetic atmosphere blended in with a magical realism and a theatrical narrative which are not often seen in Improv theatre world. With his nonstop “Improtour” he has been touring the world since 2000 and has performed and taught in more than twenty-five countries in four continents. He constantly returns to some of them (Italy, Latino America, Portugal). He regularly performs with his two one-man Impro shows and plays together with the most prominent international theatre companies. In 2017 he is travelling around the world planning to complete his Improtour across five continents.

IMPROvariace is a semi-professional improv theatre group from Prague with almost 30 members divided into two ensembles. Improvisers work together since 2005 which makes them one of the longest acting improv group in the Czech Republic. IMPROvariace is working with all possible and impossible forms of improvisation (theater sports, longforms, impro shows, international shows etc.). Regular shows are presented twice a month in Reduta Jazz club and Theatre Kámen.